Chairman and
CEO Message


I am deeply honored to be part of Gypto Pharma, as this integrated organization is dedicated to secure safe and high standard- quality medicine for our community. Our strategy lies in being committed to be the expert hub for medicine in the region securing the current and evolving healthcare needs.

We would like to introduce Gypto as the first state of the art Medicine city in the region containing diversified highly skilled team occupied with best production facility and high standards machines and systems. We aim at Gypto Pharma to be the elite trusted partner in healthcare by working with multinational high standards to enable population to have effective –safe-quality medicine. Securing the current and evolving healthcare basic /vital needs, with a clear focused strategy.

I’m always mindful that we exist to serve our community, so improving our business is a top priority which is reflected in our plan to reach new levels of competition, while achieving strong results in our Medicine city.
Over the last period, operations have moved from a substantial development phase to more production in the respective programs. All The projects are ongoing here and now, will be executed with high efficiency, precision and dedication from all parties.
In closing, I would also like to thank each and every one who contributed in this huge project, as we all believe “the truth that this is a strong and distinguished organization made to succeed and achieve the best in Pharma field”. And personally I am excited about what the future holds.

Chairman and CEO

Dr.Amre Mamdouh