We at GYPTO are committed to be the expert hub for pharmaceuticals in the region Securing the current and evolving healthcare needs, with a clear focused strategy to penetrate the local and global market ethically, being the partner of choice for the multinational companies to produce high standard - quality medicines, Creating value for our patients , society and company. .


At Gypto we have a strategy to empower the Egyptian citizen and regional ones with healthcare needs, as we are derived and holding ourselves to high ethical standards, being the provider of medicines with quality and competitive price..

Gypto Pharma is committed to make efficient use of resources to secure efficient medicine with zero impact on the environment. .

People &

We believe we can drive Excellence in performance, reputation, and enhance our people's work experience by creating our culture to be trusting, ethical and committed to excel.

Commitment to Gypto Pharma code of conduct .

Our policies and guidelines is defining our corporate responsibility, they are based on best practices

Gypto Core Values
Commitment to excel

Excellence is not an Art or Act, It’s our HABIT

Everyone at Gypto is responsible and committed for delivering the best outcome in work with quality, as we consider excellence in our job as an obligation to deliver the best- efficient medicine to reach our patients. We are dealing with everyday issue by being GYPTO ambassadors for delivering outstanding results to reflect quality of life. We are rethinking how we work, embracing agile teams and building better productivity in Gypto Pharma to reach excellence with no compromise.

Empowerment & Leadership

Empowering employees to be creative and distinguished by being the partner of success is our aim at Gypto.

We are empowering our assets “employees” to be leaders to ensure people can fully apply their talent and energy. We want to make sure our people see the huge contribution that their work makes, to empower them to be their best selves every day and achieve their personal and professional goals.

We at Gypto strive to be market leaders as we believe that Leadership brings together the skills needed to deliver the best outcomes. We'll look at each element in more detail with care.


We all strive for QUALITY .

We believe that everything we’re doing should be about the wellbeing of the end user.

And we believe as well that a true quality is, of course, fundamental to produce safe and effective medicine in all of our processes starting from attracting calibers reaching to our final results by producing quality products for patients to enhance the quality of life.


Gypto Pharma Overcome Challenges by sharing Experience with trust.

We are professional as we deal in respect and integrity for all of our stakeholders to build trust with our employees and society.